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We Change Lives

Bring Christmas Joy

Create Lasting Memories

Make Children Happy

Make a Difference

Better Future

Letting kids know that somebody cares forever changes a life.

Bigger Hope

When little miracles happen for a child there is hope.

More Love

Touching a child’s life with love spreads like a virus and changes the world.

We Love Kids!

When: December 13, 2014
What: We take underprivileged K-6th graders Christmas shopping with the Utah Jazz bear and local volunteers.
For Questions Call: (801)661-8469

Jazz Bear Christmas

Would you like to volunteer to touch a child’s life on Christmas?

  • This special event is hosted by the Utah Jazz Bear
  • All money raised goes to help the children
  • Local cosplay groups will be dressed up as superheroes and sci-fi characters
  • Police and firemen will escort the children’s buses to the store to go shopping
  • The press shows up to share the message of caring